Something sweet in Sugar Land

I’m not quite sure how it happened but photos of this little cutie slipped through the cracks.

I first met Aivy and her parents around this time last year. Her first birthday was coming up and we wanted to snap some shots for the invitation. She was a little hesitant of the strange lady with the camera, at first, but I managed to get her to warm to me a little. She even cracked a smile towards the end 🙂

Prior to every shoot, I start an inspiration board…a collection of images that I’d love to emulate and inspire poses and scenarios for my subject. I also collaborate with my clients and strive to include their wants and wishes as well. Pinterest is great for this purpose and I always make sure to ask my client if they have any inspiring photos pinned to their board.

Recently little Aivy became a big sister and I can’t wait to snap some photos of her with her baby brother.

Stay tuned…


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