Senior Memories

I might be dating myself for spilling this kind of information, but when I was about to gradutate high school, I got to bring one outfit to the portrait studio that shuffled me between the black yearbook gown and our graduation outfit. So I was thrilled when an old acquaintance of mine engaged me to take some modern senior photos of her younger sister.

Once Natalie and I had settled on a date, she suggested that we hold the session at the Weston Gardens in South Fort Worth. The Gardens are meticulously cared for and home to quite a few friendly tabby cats, one of whom decided to tag along and guard our props.

Natalie is a beautiful, shy, and engaging young woman and we had a ton of fun wandering around the different sections of the garden. And with the dramatic storm clouds threatening to open up any minute, we managed to call it a wrap just as the downpour started. I had a blast working with Natalie and wish her the best of luck as she works towards her future.



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