A Nepali Wedding

Last week I posted photos from Sunita’s Friday night Mehendi and this week, I’m bringing you moments captured at the next morning’s wedding ceremony.

I arrived to find AK’s portion of the ceremony already in progress, a fire lit and all of the symbolic elements laid out around him. After AK’s portion was complete, the father of the bride stepped forward to complete his wedding ritual for the couple. And finally, the lovely bride arrived to say her vows and partake in the ceremony. Once completed, they sat side by side, saying their vows and promises and completing their circuits around the symbolic fire.

I’ve photographed Hindu ceremonies before but never a Nepali one and never one quite steeped in culture and symbolism as this. It was fascinating to behold the colors and love and respect among all of the family members. After a brief intermission for lunch, the ceremony finally concluded in the early afternoon, and I was off to prepare for the next evening’s reception.

I hope you enjoy the photos. I’ll share more this time next week.



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